Comer S.P.A.

Comer S.P.A. was established in 1978 by the entrepreneur Stefano Compagnoni, after gaining in-depth experience in the manufacturing of molds. Over the years Comer has experienced strong growth and has several different production sites, including the two latest locations near Genoa in Italy: San Colombano Certenoli, owned by Comer since 1990 and specialized in valve manufacture, and Casarza Ligure, estabilished in 2004 and specialized in fittings production, especially large diameters. Despite our success, Comer remains a family-owned company, which is still managed by the founder Stefano. Compagnoni joined by his brother Giorgio and his daughter Roberta

The molds used for the production of fittings and valves are made on site in a specialized department. Since the foundation of Comer, it has developed and increased both our technical know-how to design moulds and its skills for mould-technology production. Thanks to this long experience gained in manufacturing moulds and its precision equipment with the latest CAD and CAM technologies, Comer can respond in a very short time to its customers’ needs both to modify current products and, if necessary, to design articles from scratch.

The Comer product consist of a comprehensive range of both U-PVC and ABS valves and fittings with solvent cement and BSP threaded standard joints, as well as PE100 and PPH butt-weld fittings. The wide range of Comer products are suitable for many markets and applications: such as the chemical industry, municipal water distribution, irrigation installations and in general for every application for pipeline systems with pressure up to 16 bar. In particular, for the food industry which is a specific sector where Comer products meet the most stringent international regulations for U-PVC compatibility with alimentary fluids.

Comer Products Range


The quality level of products and services are guaranteed by a systematic and documented approach, which means we satisfy customer expectations in every phase of our relationship, both commercial, administrative and technical.

At a commercial level, we at Comer aim to analyze deeply and with precision the current and future situations of every client, enabling a customized service to meet all technical and economic needs. Particularly, thanks to their internal organization, Comer can deliver within a very short time every order received.

At a technical level, we at Comer guarantee the highest manufacturing standard in our product range, taking care of the continuity of the service and assuring the total compliance with all parameters and specifications requested by various product certifications.

At administrative level we at Comer aim to offer the best possible business relationship possible with our customers. Each agreement will be clear and all terms will be proposed to the customer with the best accuracy. Furthermore, we aim to guarantee efficient accounting and administration to offer an overall customer care.

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