Elysee Irrigation Products & Compression Fittings

Founded in 1969, Elysée was initially dedicated to the cultivation of flowers. This gave the founders firsthand experience and a full understanding of the diversity of irrigation needs. With such knowledge and experience, the natural next step in the business was to start designing and developing irrigation systems. This was a stepping-stone to further expansion, this time into field of water supply and piping systems.

Elysée manufactures and supplies piping and irrigation systems for agricultural, domestic and public use. Based in Cyprus, a key location at crossroads of three continents, Elysée serves more than 50 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and beyond, reaching as far as South Africa, Japan and New Zealand.

With flexible organizational structure, Elysée ensures a quick response to customer enquiries, orders and opportunities for collaboration. New products are developed every year and are added to upgrade existing products to create a consistently growing range.

Many years of experience in fittings design, manufacture and supply are reflected in new products which respond to customer needs, and in our ability to produce and deliver every order to its destination on schedule. Quality has always been a major principle of Elysee’s operations. But every principle is only as good as its application. Our quality management system is firmly in place, and ensures consistent, high-standard performance throughout the organization.

Elysée has earned the ISO 9001 certificate, a testimony of our commitment to quality. Being one of the few manufacturers who have achieved it, Elysée has earned prestigious International Product Certifications like DVGW, KIWA, SII and OVGW. These distinct quality marks put Elysée in a prime spot of the international market. In January 2020 Elysee received the SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Serive) certification for their compression fitting range.

Elysee SATAS Certificate

We at Elysée realize that from a customer’s perspective, the term “quality” covers both the product and the service. Our ever growing customer list reflects our determination to settle for nothing less. Recently Elysée was honoured with the 2008 Special First Export Award in recognition of outstanding effort in sales organization and marketing abroad. This award is a by-product of our efforts to serve our customers both in Cyprus and around the world.

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