In 1975, Nino Lenzo, a young and promising entrepreneur from Brolo, a small town on the eastern coast of Sicily, started a business bringing his passion and family experience of the construction and operation of water supply facilities to start Eurocondotte.

In 1988, Nino created the division of Plastitalia, affirming that within just a few years time, the company had become a global giant. A production department was created – equipped and supplied with modern industrial equipment – to make an increasingly specialized range of products. The growth of Plastitalia has been rapid beyond expectations and serves as a source of pride for all of Sicily. Plasitalia’s success was signaled by the tripling of sales in a short period of time, prompting the creation of Plastitalia S.r.l. (similar to a LLC) in 1993.

Since that time, there have been many opportunities for Plastitalia to further establish itself on the international market. For example, on January 1, 1995, Plastitalia products became certified by the Italian national plastics institute – Istituto Italiano dei Plastici S.r.l. (IIP-UNI): an important step in strengthening consumer confidence, distinguishing itself from competitors, and increasing brand recognition. Every new product is made in accordance with the certification requirements of IIP-UNI, covering the entire range of production. With the knowledge that success is linked to the ability to satisfy clients by supplying quality products and services, Plastitalia works to ensure consistent quality by obtaining the latest certifications from major institutes.

In 2005, Plastitalia’s attention to quality and respect for the environment allowed the company to obtain an Environmental Declaration indicating endorsement by the Italian national environmental regulatory agency – Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) according to Regulations put into place by the EU.

In 2010, Plastitalia also received Certification by the Italian national standardization organization – Unificazione Nazionale Italiano (UNI) for “mixed metal/polyethylene fittings for the conduction of combustible gas, as well as water and other fluids under pressure.” Today, Plastitalia has obtained 60 international certifications and three major systems certifications. In the late 1990’s, Plastitalia positioned itself as a leader in the polyethylene fittings sector thanks to an expansion in the competitive world market and made a significant organizational transformation: Plastitalia changed its company name to Plastitalia S.p.A. (similar to a C Corporation). This was an important milestone for the company; the reward for many years of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, passion and desire to grow.

At the beginning of the new millennium, the production process was further refined. With new technologies, the production of molds was perfected, making them more sophisticated, creating better products year after year.

The year 2000 signaled a true revolution of the production process: the start of the production of electrofusion fittings, the future of pipe fittings. The first to appear on the market was the electric coupler DE110, reaching the DE1200 shortly after, followed by the rest of the shapes, up to D315. The wide range of electrofusion products brought about a new requirement: a way to put the pieces together prior to use. Constant research and growth in technology led Plastitalia to create a new monovalent welding machine in 2003 – PLAST  100, the crown jewel of electronics.

In 2012, a series of welding machines achieved an excellent level of success thanks to the introduction of Iplast 105 and Iplast 30 to the market. These two machines are technically very sophisticated, allowing the welding to be done in total safety while keeping with product standards – a small “electronic miracle,” the result of development by Plastitalia, which was introduced to the welding market for the first time.

Today the experience in this sector, careful research, and continued improvement allow the frequent creation of new, reliable products at a competitive price.

Experience, intuition, and instinct – these words define Plastitalia, the story of a company in motion, the story of success.

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