PVC Fittings and Accessories                                 (Download Our Poster)

We supply full ranges of:

  • uPVC, m PVC and OPVC Pipes
  • uPVC Pressure fittings from 16mm to 500mm
  • Cement and cleaners.
  • Galvanised, PP coated and PVC Flanges
  • SEWER AND DRAINAGE Pipes and fittings
  • Vent pipes and fittings

PVC Valves

We supply full ranges of:

  • PVC Ball, Compact, Butterfly, check, Knife, air and Flap checkValves

Abs Pool & Spa Fittings

We supply full ranges of:

  • ABS thin walled pool, spa and Koi pool products
  • Available in Black, grey and white colours
  • Adhesive cements
  • Compact Ball valves, Single and Double Union Ball Valves and Check valves,
  • PVC Pressure and white PVC Pipes
  • HDPE and LDPE Pipes

Compression Fittings                                               (Download Our Poster)

Complete range of PP Compression fittings joined by means of mechanical clamping with O’Rings, from 16mm to 110mm. PP Clamp Saddles from 20mm to 315mm with variety of threaded outlets available in 10bar or 16bar.

PE 100 Polyethylene

We have available:

  • Complete range of HDPE Pipes in PE100 material manufactured according to SABS Standards from 16mm to over 1 meter.
  • Accompanying ranges of Butt, Socket Fusion, Electro-fusion welded fittings.
  • Clamp saddles with O’RINGS for mechanical jointing or electrofusion weld.
  • Special fabrications.
  • HDPE Engineering sheets.
  • Welding rods and solid bars.
  • Geomembranes for dam linings.
  • Greenhouse materials
  • Valves with PE ENDS for welding

Polypropylene Materials

We have available:

  • Complete Range of Polypropylene Pipe made to DIN and ISO standards and accompanying Butt Weld or Socket Fusion Weld Fittings
  • Upon special request PP Electro-fusion fittings;
  • Engineering sheets in various colours;
  • PP welding rod and PP solid rods.
  • Complete range of PP VALVES

Irrigation Equipment

We supply;

  • Full range of filters
  • Venturis for fertilizer pumps
  • Dan and Microjet sprinklers
  • Nylon and polyprop insert irrigation fittings
  • Hydromatics and stands
  • Full range of Dragline hoses
  • LDPE Pipe
  • Fittings for Drip lines
  • Air release valves

Thermoplastic Valves

  • FLANGED BALL VALVES – Flanges are fixed and are available up to 150mm.
  • BALL VALVES – Compact; Single Union; Double Union and 3-way valves, with HDPE OR PTFE Seats and VITON/FPM or EPDM O’Rings; in PVC/PP/CPVC/ABS/PVDF material.
  • BUTTERFLY VALVES – Lever and gear operated ranging from 50mm to 315mm in PVC/PP material up 900mm.
  • DIAPHRAGM VALVES – from 20mm to 160mm with EPDM or FPM Diaphragms with bodies of PVC/PP/PVDF
  • CHECK VALES – Ball types; Y-TYPE; T-Type; Flap; Piston type; pressure or spring-loaded with EPDM or FPM SEALS in PVC/PP/PVDF/ABS materials
  • FOOT VALVES – with or without strainers or springs available from 16mm to 110mm in PVC/PP.
  • AIR RELEASE VALVES – with EPDM OR FPM seats in PVC/PP plain or threaded.
  • LINE STRAINERS – in clear or opaque PVC or PP, WITH STAINLESS STEEL or plastic inner mesh.
  • KNIFE GATE VALVES – PVC Body up to 110mm

When automation is required, Pneumatic or Electric actuation can be fitted to most of these valves.

Pressure Control Valves

  • PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES – Pressure relief valves are used to achieve and maintain constant operation pressures, to prevent pressure fluctuations and to protect other downstream components from pressure spikes. Pressure relief valves can be set between 0.3 – 10.0 bar.
  • PRESSURE REDUCING VALVES – Pressure reducing valves close at a defined input pressure and maintain a constant pressure on the outlet side. Output pressures between 0.5 and 9.0 bar can be very precisely adjusted.

Flow Meters

  • ROTAMETERS – PA/PVC-U/PVDF/PSU materials with EPDM or FPM Seals and PVDF float. Flow meters are available for many flow ranges from 3 to 50,000 l/h. The flow meters can handle many applications from water treatment to heavy chemical industry.

Magnetic floats and electronic controls are available.

Chemical Pumps

  • CHEMICAL PUMPS – For the safe transport of aggressive and corrosive liquids of up to 1,100 m³/h. Our range includes horizontal as well as vertical pumps from highly corrosion and wear resistant materials.

Welding Machines (for Electro Fusion, Socket & Butt Fusion Welding)

Butt Welding Machines, Electrofusion Welding Machines, Manual Welding Extruder, Electrode Adaptors, Pipe Scrapers, De-beading Tools, Power Generators

Afcon Valves Product Range

Full range of Stainless Steel, epoxy coated and Nickel plated Metal valves;

  • Butterfly Valve Series
  • Check Valve Series
  • Shut-off Valve Series
  • Gate Valve Series
  • Ball Valve Series
  • Casting Series
  • Operating actuation Devices

PVDF Pipes, Fittings, Sheets & Engineering materials

We have available;

  • Complete range of PVDF Pipes (also in High Purity)
  • Complete range of PVDF Fittings (Butt, Fusion and Electrofusion)
  • PVDF Sheets
  • PVDF solid rods and Welding rods
  • Complete range of PVDF Valves